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Yesterday Grant attended his very first fan convention with The Flash co-star Tom Felton and by the looks of it, the duo had a lot of fun! Bellow you will find a short recap of what they spoke about, plus the panel. Photos have been added to our gallery, thanks to and my friend Jen from who was one of the lucky people to attend Grant’s first convention and was kind enough to share these photos with us.

  • Tom Felton’s love for meeting people is what inspired Grant to do the con.
  • The duo was asked who causes the most shenanigans on set. Their answer? Tom Cavanagh!
  • When Tom and Grant first met each other, they both fangirled over each other.
  • They made a ship between their characters (“Brulian”, which they mention a lot during the panel) and want them to run off with each other at the end. They also mention that in a parallel earth, Brulian would have 4 children together.
  • Grant enjoys playing sports video games in his free time and is terrified of karaoke.
  • Grant has been teaching Tom to tap dance.
  • Tom got Grant a Griffindor journal, while Grant gave him a Slytherin journal. The plot twist? The Slytherin journal had a photo of Tom (who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) inside and Grant had no idea.
  • Grant confessed that he never liked running.
  • They were asked what theme song they would pick for their characters on the show. Grant picked “Running Home To You”, an original song written for The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover, which Grant performed.
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