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Long gone is 2016 as we welcome a New Year just a few days ago. Our first post of the year is a YEAR IN REVIEW inspired by my friends Gabby from and Luciana from A little late, but we just couldn’t help but review Grant’s career in this past year.

2016 brought us more of The Flash but that wasn’t all, as Grant joined the cast of upcoming movie Krystal, which he filmed right after wrapping up season 2 of our favorite CW superhero show!

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We kick off January with Grant’s first public appearance, at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards where he presented an award with Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist. It was also the first time he spoke about The Flash/Supergirl crossover rumor, which he didn’t knew about, plus his thoughts on Kevin Smith directing an episode of The Flash.

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The Flash returned then to our screens, for its second half of the season, on January 19. The show’s finale aired on May 24 and a word to describe it? INCREDIBLE. Oh and, Barry did it again.

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On February 3 Entertainment Weekly reported that Supergirl would be teaming up with The Flash on a crossover episode, when Barry Allen shows up in National City. Grant was photographed on the set of Supergirl on February 22 and on early March, we received more news on the crossover– A synopsis and a promotional poster.

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On March 11 we got the fantastic news that The Flash had been renewed for a third season. Two days later after the news, Grant attended the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards where he rocked out a mustache while presenting an award with Meghan Trainor. We also highlight this fun interview of Grant on the red carpet where he recalls the time he called Ryan Gosling “dope” and teased everyone on this new project.

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The first episodic stills for the crossover were released a couple of days later, along with a teaser. The interet was all over the crossover. Entertainment Weekly, Variety and TV Insider posted exclusive photos and articles on the episode and DC’s official youtube account uploaded a behind the scenes video. The episode aired on March 28.

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On March 29 we finally received news on the movie Grant teased during Kids’ Choice Awards. Deadline broke the news that Grant would be joining Krystal, an indie film directed by William H. Macy. The film began shooting in April and on May 3 we got our first glimpse at Grant shooting the film in Atlanta.

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Grant attended the CW Upfronts on May 19. Along with the release of a Superhero promo and news that Supergirl would be moving from CBS to CW, the network reported that a big crossover featuring ALL FOUR superhero shows (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow) would be airing in December. We wrap up May with the announcement of the First Wave of “Teen Choice Awards” Nominees Announcement— Grant had been nominated for Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy for his role as Barry Allen on The Flash.

June was very quiet on Gustin-land but July arrived with the big news that The Flash would be hitting up Comic Con International (also known as San Diego Comic Con) for a third time! But that wasn’t all, as it was released a couple days later that he and his DCTV co-stars Melissa Benoist and Stephen Amell would be on Conan’s #ConanCon Special! July was then all about Comic Con International but not all, as Grant began shooting the third season of The Flash. He was first photographed on set a few days before the convention, on July 20.

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Grant’s first stop at Comic Con International was on Conan’s #ConanCon and we got to see Grant’s.. smoulder? Haha, a very hilarious interview to not be missed. On the following day he attended SRSLY Superpower Hour with BuzzFeed and The CW. Grant and his The Flash co-stars would be promoting the show at the convention on July 23. Make sure to also check out the masterpost we posted on Comic Con International.

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After Comic Con International, Grant attended Teen Choice Awards where he won the award for Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy! While Grant nor his The Flash castmates were at TCA’s Summer Press Tour, it doesn’t mean there were no exciting news. During a panel on all the shows, the series EPs dropped a big bomb– There was going to be a musical crossover!! It would be a two episode crossover between Supergirl and The Flash only.

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On late September we received the news that Grant would be attending EW PopFest with his DCTV co-stars. October 4 arrived and so did the new season of The Flash— with a bang and a whole new universe.

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We wrap up October with Grant’s appearance at EW PopFest, on the 29th.

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November kicked off with the news that the CW superheroes would be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, in pre-celebration for the big 4-show crossover event. Our super friends (as the magazine calls them) look super adorable as they have fun playing games and just goofing around on the photo session.

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We received our first glimpse on the big crossover event on November 10. It is safe to say that it was the hightlight of November for the DCTV fans. The Heroes v Aliens crossover began on November 28, when Barry and Cisco travel to National City to ask Kara for help. It sadly finished on Thursday, December 1, with Legends of Tomorrow but it is safe to say that it was quite a good crossover event and we hope it’s not the last!

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We wrap up December and well, the year, with some photos of Grant on the set of The Flash!

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That’s it for 2016, folks! What can we expect from 2017? Epic episodes of The Flash, hopefully more news on the musical episode. Krystal is currently under post-production and according to IMDB, set for a 2017 release.

We wish Grant and his family all the best in this new year. And of course, a Happy New Year to all our visitors!

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