Posted by / On 23 July 2017   Photoshoots & Portraits / Public Appearances / Videos

Our favorite time of the year– Comic Con International or as some call it, San Diego Comic Con!!!! It’s a fantastic time where we get learn more about certain television shows, movies and much more. For us The Flash fans? It means hilarious interviews with our favorite cast, photos and news on the upcoming season! We learnt quite a lot during the panel, such as Grant Gustin can’t keep a secret (he told Candice before hand that she would not die on the show)! The show’s villain this season will be The Thinker, they are hoping to return to a more light atmosphere and a more fun show again. Much more, and we strongly advice you to watch the panel (bellow and under the cut) which was been published by Clevver News as it’s absolutely amazing! Photos from the convention and some photoshoots taken during it were also added to our gallery!

002.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg 003.jpg
001.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 011.jpg

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