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Hello friends! I am sure you already know what this post is about – COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL! It’s no lie that i absolutely love this convention and being able to cover The Flash is absolutely amazing and such a wild ride. I love this cast and the show and so on, let’s kick-off with the masterpost! To start, we want to give you information on the big villain – this season Team Flash will be facing Cicada, who has the ability to absorb the life-force of others, allowing him to dramatically extend his life. Cicada will be played by Chris Klein, who you might recognize from American Pie! Furthermore, i have collected bits of what Grant mention while at the Press Line and bellow (and under the cut) you will find all videos released so far from the convention! Keep an eye out for the site’s twitter @gustinonline as i will be updating with any gallery additions and videos (hoping to post the panel video later)!

  • When asked about WestAllen, Grant has revealed that the couple is “stronger than ever”.
  • In regards to Nora, Iris wants to connect & is so excited about Nora. But Barry is “cautious” because of past betrayals and fear of losing more people he cares about.
  • Grant mentions that he always pushed for pulling the trigger on Westallen over temporarily exploring relationships with other women because Iris is the love of Barry’s life and it’s the kind of relationship everyone wants.
  • Episode 5.08, also the shows’ 100th episode will be the big mid-season finale, and there will be a big twist to carry us over, according to executive producer Todd Helbing.
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