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Yesterday was a very special day at Comic Con International (also known as San Diego Comic Con) as Superheroes and villains took over the convention, The Flash being one of DC’s CW shows to do so. Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh, Keiynan Lonsdale, Jesse L. Martin and Tom Felton were at the convention to promote the shows third season. Violett Beane was also at Comic Con but sadly did not join the rest of the cast. I have added to the gallery all photos released so far from the convention, from Grant’s arrival to the convention to the interviews the cast gave out and the special video presentation and Q&A. I’d like to thank my friend Steph for the big help on the high quality pictures.

But as much we all love to check out Grant being a dork at the convention, i’ve gathered all information released during the Press Line and the Q&A about the upcoming season, set to premiere on October 4 on The CW. The information is down bellow along with a radio interview the cast did for SiriusXM Radio, and under the cut you’ll find all videos so far released from the convention!

  • The fallout of “Flash’s” second season finale, referred to as Flashpoint, will have an effect on the other shared universe CW/DC shows. “Flash” lead Grant Gustin even said that he knows of a Flashpoint change in “Arrow,” which he said was a subtle one.
  • Barry’s parents are both alive in Flashpoint and he doesn’t live with Iris and Joe.
  • Barry remembers the new timeline, that time has passed & Kid Flash is The Flash in this timeline.
  • With “Supergirl” now on the CW, Grant Gustin expressed great excitement at the thought of Superman coming to the series (played by Tyler Hoechlin). But don’t expect to see a Flash and Superman team-up anytime soon. Gustin revealed that he has not yet shared a scene with Hoechlin, and doesn’t know if he actually will. “The Flash” is in production on the second episode of Season 3 right now, and “Supergirl” begins production on its second season next week.
  • Flashpoint will “ripple throughout the whole season,” TheFlash EP said.
  • Two big bads this season on The Flash: one is a speedster and the other is Dr. Alchemy, voiced by Tobin Bell!
  • Flashpoint will not undo Barry getting zapped by particle accelerator.
  • “When we [return], Barry had been living in this timeline for 3 months.” Grant Gustin said.
  • “In any timeline, Barry and Iris ultimately find each other.” Todd Helbing said.
  • Felicity will show up in episode 2 to “give Barry advice.”

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