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Hello Grant fans! We’d like to start this post by apologizing on the huge delay on news – We have been moving our site to another host and that takes a bit time. But now we’re back (make sure to use the url as no longer works) and we bring you high definition screen captures from the first and second part of DCTV’s big crossover event¬†Crisis on Earth-X!

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High definition screencaptures from last night’s episode of Arrow and the third part of CW’s DC four-show crossover have been added to our gallery!¬†There wasn’t much Barry in the episode, as we only got to see him interact with the new members from Team Arrow but he still managed too steal the show with his lines. My favorite? “What’s your damage, man?” Haha. The crossover ends tonight with DC’s Legends

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Go behind the scenes of the 4 night crossover event with the cast and crew! DC Week continues on The Flash, Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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See Heroes v Aliens on the 4 night crossover event, starting with Supergirl Monday at 8/7c on The CW!

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The Dominators are coming…can DC’s heroes team up to stop them? The invasion begins Monday at 8/7c on The CW!

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DC Week is coming! The 4-night crossover event begins Monday, November 28 on The CW.