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Hello friends! I am sure you already know what this post is about – COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL! It’s no lie that i absolutely love this convention and being able to cover The Flash is absolutely amazing and such a wild ride. I love this cast and the show and so on, let’s kick-off with the masterpost! […]

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Hello Grant fans! Recently Grant did a photoshoot with his older brother, Tyler, and thanks to both Gustin’s we have two outtakes from the session to show you! It’s been a while since we have gotten a new Grant photoshoot and we can only hope that more outtakes will get released!   GALLERY LINK: Studio […]

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The past Friday, July 21, Grant attended a press conference for The Flash in San Diego! Photos have now been released and you can find them in our gallery.     GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017 > “The Flash” Press Conference

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Our favorite time of the year– Comic Con International or as some call it, San Diego Comic Con!!!! It’s a fantastic time where we get learn more about certain television shows, movies and much more. For us The Flash fans? It means hilarious interviews with our favorite cast, photos and news on the upcoming season! We learnt […]

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Entertainment Weekly‘s new issue is now avaliable and to celebrate, the magazine released a couple of outtakes that feature Grant and his DCTV co-stars along with two stills from the upcoming crossovers! The scans and additional pictures have been added to our gallery. A big thank you to Luciana for the scans.         GALLERY […]

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Our gallery has been updated with outtakes from Grant’s photoshoots with AdWeek and Tyler Shields from last year. You’ll also find a headshot taken of Grant by Josh Stringer, this year! A huge thank you to my friend Steph for these.     GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 001 […]

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I have added to the gallery a new photoshoot, taken of Grant for TV Guide last year. Thank you to grantgustinnews for these!     GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 005

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    GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 004 Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW series of the same name, says something interesting happens when he suits up as the DC Comics character. “I lose myself in it,” Gustin said in a recent interview. “I kind of […]

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One portrait of Grant, taken while at Comic-Con International was been released by IGN!   GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2015 > IGN Comic-Con Portraits

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Two more portraits taken by Los Angeles Times while at Comic-Con International have been added to the gallery!     GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2015 > Comic-Con International 2015: Los Angeles Times Portraits