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As much as the average comic book fan might disagree, it seems Warner Bros. believes that the world really is big enough for two versions of some of their most beloved superheroes. The decision to keep the DC movie and TV universes separate raised some eyebrows among those used to Marvel’s notion of a “shared universe,” […]

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    GALLERY LINK: Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 004 Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW series of the same name, says something interesting happens when he suits up as the DC Comics character. “I lose myself in it,” Gustin said in a recent interview. “I kind of […]

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As part of The CW portion of the TCA Press Tour, there was a compelling panel entitled “Running the Show: The Women Executive Producers of The CW,” withArrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Reign andCrazy Ex-Girlfriend all represented. After the panel, Collider got the opportunity to sit down with The Flash […]

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Emmys left some great performances and shows on the outside looking in. Here’s your chance to give your favorites a juicy plot twist: Vote! Best Actor: Grant Gustin, The Flash I never thought I’d cry because of The Flash, but then Grant Gustin brought me to tears in the season 1 finale, “Fast Enough.” Gustin […]

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A big thank you goes to Grant Gustin News for giving the heads up to post these exclusive outtakes!     GALLERY LINK: Magazine Scans > 2015 > Variety (May – Nº3) Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > 2015 > Session 002 COVER STORY: The couch in Greg Berlanti’s spacious office on the Warner Bros. […]

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Collider: Have you finished breaking the seasons for both The Flash andArrow? ANDREW KREISBERG: We’re breaking the finales of both shows, right now. We’re getting towards the endgame. We’ve already started doing some of our planning for next year, too, which is what we start to do, around this time of year. How do you […]

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The Flash is poised to introduce other versions of the fastest man alive for season two. In comic book lore, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is just one of a number of heroes who have tapped into the speed force, granting them superhuman speed. Executive producer Greg Berlanti said they hoped to bring other speedsters such as […]

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Speaking of The Flash, that panel was adorable, with the actors barely distinguishable from the characters they play, and the audience full of a surprising number of little kids, demonstrating the show’s cross-generational appeal. It was also even more tightlipped than the Arrow panel. Throughout the discussion, the panelists – stars Grant Gustin (“Barry Allen/The Flash”, Jesse L. Martin […]

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    GALLERY LINK: MAGAZINE SCANS > 2015 > ADWEEK (JANUARY 12) STUDIO PHOTOSHOOTS > SESSIONS & OUTTAKES > 2015 > SESSION 001 From Superman and Wonder Woman to The Flash, more than 10,000 characters populate the universe of DC Entertainment. For TV networks seeking a foothold in a world of increasing competition for every great […]

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3. Grant Gustin A thousand-ish miles away from Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) super-grounded, super world of The CW’s Arrow is the fantastical land of The Flash, where Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) dons a skintight, head-to-toe bright red suit to catch metahumans (those given special powers in the fallout from a particle accelerator explosion). While there […]