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Grant attended a couple of hours ago PaleyFest for a CW’s Heroes and Aliens panel which featured all DCTV shows, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. We got to learn a bit more on the upcoming season of The Flash, plus what Grant thinks of the feedback Barry has been getting from the fans. We’ve added to the gallery the first photos from the event, and you can also read what was spoken about bellow!

  • Greg Berlanti was the one who suggested introducing Barry Allen/The Flash in episode 2.08 of Arrow, having him get hit by lightning and waking up in his own show.
  • Andrew Kreisberg (executive producer) said they had to find a scarier villain than Zoom – so now there’s Savitar. Next year, there won’t be a speedster.
  • Andrew Kreisberg said they purposely put Barry and Kara at “romantic crossroads” going into musical, to give them a shared link.
  • When asked about his thoughts on the backlash Barry has been getting from fans this season, Grant said “I agree with the viewers on the backlash about Barry. We see his fear dictate things more than ever.”
  • There will be another FOUR WAY crossover happening this year. Grant mentioned he’d love to work with Brandon more– Barry and Ray are fun together.
  • There will be an episode this season titled “The Once & Future Flash” in which Barry decides he can only find out what he needs to know in the future.
  • Abra Kadabra will be making his first appearance on The Flash in episode 3.18!
  • When asked if the shows will ever shoot in L.A instead of Vancouver (answer is no– economically speaking, it wouldn’t be possible) Grant said that “A lot of the magic is what Vancouver is. It wouldn’t be the same in L.A.”
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