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Last week we got to watch Grant Gustin play not only Barry Allen but also Green Arrow in Arrowverse’s Elseworlds crossover! Our gallery has been updated with episodic stills and screen captures from the crossover!

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Hey Grant fans! I want to apologize – once more, for the delay on news but i have managed (with the help of my dear friend Ashley from to update our gallery with all the missing screen captures from season 5, as you might know by now if you follow us on Twitter @GustinOnline. Today i finally got around to upload screen captures from this week’s episode, titled “What’s Past Is Prologue”, The Flash‘s 100th episode! This episode is certainly my favorite episode of this season, i felt like everything about it was perfect and what was that ending, huh?! You’ll be able to find episodic stills and high definition screen captures in our gallery and don’t forget that as part of Elseworlds crossover, The Flash will be airing tomorrow instead of Tuesday!

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This weeks episode of The Flash brought us a new Wells, more information on Cicada and… Could Nora be hiding something? I hope you guys enjoyed the episode as much as i did, episodic stills and high definition screen captures from the episode have been added to our gallery!

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As stated in the previous post, Grant is currently filming the Arrowverse crossover which has been titled as Elseworlds, and features quite a twist… Grant Gustin as Oliver Queen? Damn right! In the on set photos below, that you’ll find in the gallery you’ll see Grant on set of the crossover wearing not only his The Flash suit but also Green Arrow’s!

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Grant is currently shooting Arrowverse‘s Elseworlds crossover event but before that, he was photographed on set of The Flash having some fun, on October 11, in Vancouver. Photos have been added to the gallery!

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Next episode looks to be as eventful as this weeks, not to mention it appears we will be getting some WestAllen family bonding time according to the episodic stills – Which have been added to our gallery, thanks to FarFarAway. The official synopsis and trailer for the upcoming episode can be found below!

CHRIS KLEIN JOINS “THE FLASH” — As Barry (Grant Gustin) helps his daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), become a better speedster, he and Team Flash also track down a meta stealing high-tech weapons, only to cross paths with a new foe named Cicada (Chris Klein), who is hunting the very same meta with nefarious intent.

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We’re back, The Flash fans! That’s right, our favorite superhero television series is back and of course in classic The Flash style – left us with a lot of questions, am i right or not? Not sure about you guys but i have a lot of questions regarding the premiere of the new season. I’ve updated the gallery with high definition screen captures from the first episode of the season, titled “Nora”.

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Last night was a very special night for those who attended the 4th Annual Elsie Fest, Broadway’s Outdoor Music in New York and why’s that? Because Grant Gustin was one of the many talented guests to get on the stage to perform! While at the festival, he performed the song “Running Home To You” from the musical crossover episode of The Flash/Supergirl and “Sincerely, Me” from Dear Evan Hansen alongside Darren Criss and Will Roland. Photos from the event have been added to our gallery and you can watch the performances, posted by anrina below!

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Who’s ready for the new season of The Flash, that is set to premiere this Tuesday on The CW?! I know i am! I have updated the gallery with various photos from the upcoming season – from posters to the adorable WestAllen portrait released by the network, on set photos and episodic stills! You can also watch the new trailer for the upcoming season and read the official synopsis for the episode 5×01, titled “Nora”. A huge thank you to my friend Ashley from Tom Cavanagh Network for the on set photos!

After an unexpected guest from the future, Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy), appears at their home, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton,) must figure out how to get her back to the future without disrupting the timeline…even more than she already has. Team Flash must work together to send Nora back, while simultaneously fighting off another villainous meta.

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TVLine has released an exclusive look at the upcoming season of The Flash, set to premiere on The CW on October 9th! Along with an episodic still that features our favorite family – WestAllen, a short description of what the characters will be up to has been released. You can also watch a brand new trailer for the season below!


New Big Bad Cicada (American Pie‘s Chris Klein) isn’t too concerned with the Scarlet Speedster – “His endgame isn’t about The Flash. It’s more of a bigger-scale issue,” executive producer Todd Helbing notes – but he will impact Barry & Co. “A big part of the story of this season [is about] the metas, where they got their powers from, and it’s tied into everybody’s journey this year,” the EP shares. “Cicada’s powers are different than DeVoe’s [and] any of the speedsters in the way they affect our team.” Elsewhere, Nora’s presence “starts to have a little strain” on her parents’ relationship. “Iris and Barry become second to Mom and Dad,” Helbing explains. Meanwhile, Cisco is having a difficult time getting over his break-up with Gypsy, Caitlin searches for her Killer Frost origins and Ralph struggles to earn the respect of the city as a superhero.

BONUS SPOILER!: The newest Wells, Sherloque, is “a master detective from a different earth,” Helbing describes, “and he’s come to help [the team] track down Cicada. He’s pretty awesome at his job, and Ralph doesn’t take too kindly to somebody that has skills that may or may not be better than his.” Plus, Sherloque will get a lady love!