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TVLine has released an exclusive look at the upcoming season of The Flash, set to premiere on The CW on October 9th! Along with an episodic still that features our favorite family – WestAllen, a short description of what the characters will be up to has been released. You can also watch a brand new trailer for the season below!


New Big Bad Cicada (American Pie‘s Chris Klein) isn’t too concerned with the Scarlet Speedster – “His endgame isn’t about The Flash. It’s more of a bigger-scale issue,” executive producer Todd Helbing notes – but he will impact Barry & Co. “A big part of the story of this season [is about] the metas, where they got their powers from, and it’s tied into everybody’s journey this year,” the EP shares. “Cicada’s powers are different than DeVoe’s [and] any of the speedsters in the way they affect our team.” Elsewhere, Nora’s presence “starts to have a little strain” on her parents’ relationship. “Iris and Barry become second to Mom and Dad,” Helbing explains. Meanwhile, Cisco is having a difficult time getting over his break-up with Gypsy, Caitlin searches for her Killer Frost origins and Ralph struggles to earn the respect of the city as a superhero.

BONUS SPOILER!: The newest Wells, Sherloque, is “a master detective from a different earth,” Helbing describes, “and he’s come to help [the team] track down Cicada. He’s pretty awesome at his job, and Ralph doesn’t take too kindly to somebody that has skills that may or may not be better than his.” Plus, Sherloque will get a lady love!

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Fantastic news, Grant fans! It has been announced (by Grant himself through his instagram) that he will be performing at Elsie Fest! The festival takes place in Central Park, New York on October 4. You can find more information about the festival that has its tickets going on sale starting September 4, here!

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The CW has released a couple of days ago a trailer featuring our favorite DCTV Superheroes, and of course, that includes new footage from the upcoming season of The Flash! You can watch the trailer below!

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Hello Grant fans! Grant attended last night Teen Choice Awards, during which he presented the Choice Drama Movie Actor award with actress Chloe Moretz! But the cherry on top? Both Grant and The Flash won two surfboards last night – For Choice Action TV Actor and Choice Action TV Show! Congratulations are in order to Grant and his co-stars and crew for giving us such an amazing superhero show. Photos can be found in the gallery and you can watch the video of Grant and Chloe Moretz below, thanks to Legends Universe!

003.jpg 009.jpg 006.jpg 009.jpg

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While at Comic-Con International about two weeks ago, Grant Gustin and his Arrowverse co-stars Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes made an appearance on Anna Faris’ podcast “Anna Faris Is Unqualified”! During Grant’s bit of the interview, he spoke about The Flash, his engagement to LA Thoma and guess what? Tom Cavanagh made an appearance was all! An interesting and hilarious talk, to listen by clicking on the photo below (Grant’s part begins at 41:52)!


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Hey Grant fans! Just about two weeks ago, Riker Lynch (who co-starred on Glee alongside Grant) posted a new episode of his youtube series Glass Half Full w/ Riker Lynch and this particular episode featured Grant! On the episode they talk about Glee, Grant’s first name (it is not Grant!), The Flash and much more! You can watch the full interview below.

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With The Flash cast promoting the show yesterday at Comic Con International, it was only a matter of time until we got our first look at season 5 and what a season it looks to be, am i right?! You can watch the trailer below!

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Hello friends! I am sure you already know what this post is about – COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL! It’s no lie that i absolutely love this convention and being able to cover The Flash is absolutely amazing and such a wild ride. I love this cast and the show and so on, let’s kick-off with the masterpost! To start, we want to give you information on the big villain – this season Team Flash will be facing Cicada, who has the ability to absorb the life-force of others, allowing him to dramatically extend his life. Cicada will be played by Chris Klein, who you might recognize from American Pie! Furthermore, i have collected bits of what Grant mention while at the Press Line and bellow (and under the cut) you will find all videos released so far from the convention! Keep an eye out for the site’s twitter @gustinonline as i will be updating with any gallery additions and videos (hoping to post the panel video later)!

  • When asked about WestAllen, Grant has revealed that the couple is “stronger than ever”.
  • In regards to Nora, Iris wants to connect & is so excited about Nora. But Barry is “cautious” because of past betrayals and fear of losing more people he cares about.
  • Grant mentions that he always pushed for pulling the trigger on Westallen over temporarily exploring relationships with other women because Iris is the love of Barry’s life and it’s the kind of relationship everyone wants.
  • Episode 5.08, also the shows’ 100th episode will be the big mid-season finale, and there will be a big twist to carry us over, according to executive producer Todd Helbing.
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    002.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg

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    Hello Grant fans! As you must know, filming for season 5 of The Flash has already begun and now we have the first photos of Grant on set! He has photographed filming scenes for the first episodes this Monday and Tuesday, in Vancouver. You can find the photos in our gallery!

    004.jpg 005.jpg 022.jpg 027.jpg
    001.jpg 003.jpg 010.jpg 012.jpg

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    Fantastic news, Grant Gustin fans! It has just been announced that Tom & Grant, the movie directed and written by Tom Cavanagh, who also stars in the short movie alongside Grant will have its debut during Kevin Smith’s panel at Comic-Con International! The panel will be happening this Saturday, in San Diego. You can find more information below, thanks to ComicBook!

    Earlier this year, the trailer for The Flash stars Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin’s short film Tom and Grant debuted. Now, fans will have a chance to check out the film in its entirety during Kevin Smith’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

    Smith announced the screening during the most recent episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, revealing that not only would he be screening the sort film, but that Cavanagh and Gustin would be participating in a question and answer session as well.

    “Saturday evening, I also have a panel,” Smith said. “I’m going to be down at Comic-Con all weekend as well, but I’m going to be on the IMDboat interviewing people most of the time and then on Saturday I’ve got a panel in Hall H just me by myself moderating in my own panel, but Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh who play the Flash and the Reverse Flash on TV made a short film called Tom and Grant so we’re going to debut it on the panel, they’re going to come up and we’re going to do a Q&A with them and stuff.”

    The short film follows Tom and Grant, two incredibly clueless bank robbers who are dramatically ill-equipped for their criminal pursuits. They’re so ill-equipped that they don’t have a plan or a gun to use in their scheme. Cavanagh told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year that the idea of playing these clueless criminals is something that really appealed to him, as does the political and darkly comic tone the film has.
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