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Hello Grant fans! I’ve added to our gallery episodic stills from the second episode of the fourth season of The Flash, titled “Mixed Signals”. You can also read the synopsis bellow, and don’t forget to watch the season premiere of The Flash next Tuesday!

BARRY AND IRIS GO TO COUPLES THERAPY — Barry (Grant Gustin) has his hands full when he takes on a dangerous meta (guest star Dominic Burgess) who can control technology, while also confronting an obstacle in his personal life: the ramifications of abandoning Iris (Candice Patton) for six months to balance the Speed Force. Meanwhile, Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) breaches in for a hot date with Cisco (Carlos Valdes), but she gets annoyed when his work keeps them apart.

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Feed your belly this super season with new episodes of your favorite heroes, starting Monday, October 9 on The CW.

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Fantastic news for all us DCTV fans! It has been released today the official synopsis of the big The CW crossover in which all shows in the Arrowverse will be in. Double excitement? It will take place during WestAllen’s wedding! You can read the full article bellow, posted by ComicBook!

The CW today announced that the 2017 Arrowverse crossover will be “Crisis on Earth-X,” a story that will pit the heroes of the Arrowverse against evil doppelgangers of themselves from Earth-X, a universe where the Nazis won World War II.

Legendary DC Comics artist Phil Jimenez, best known for his work on Wonder Woman, has created a custom comic book cover paying homage to the annual comic book crossovers.

According to the official synopsis:

“With all of the heroes in town to celebrate Barry and Iris’s wedding, villains from Earth-X crash the festivities with a deadly agenda.”

The heroes and villains of Earth-X will also appear on Freedom Fighters: The Ray, an animated series set on Earth-X and starring The Ray. No word yet on whether or not Uncle Sam, The Ray, and the other Freedom Fighters might show up to aid the superheroes in their battle.

“We conceived this year’s crossover to be evocative of the annual Justice League/Justice Society crossovers we grew up with and looked forward to as kids,” said executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim in a statement. “Phil was the perfect choice to bring the comic book cover iteration of this idea to life. You can count on one hand the number of artists who could compellingly represent so many characters in a single image. Phil is one of them. And his design invokes the cover of Justice League #207, which was the 20th Annual JLA/JSA crossover. Our ten year-old selves are in heaven.”

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Entertainment Weekly has given us a first look at Barry in season 4 and we’re in shock as Barry looks unrecognizable! According to the article bellow, it looks like Barry will come back from the Speed Force reborn and we’re left wondering what it means regarding his personality. How changed will Barry be?


Spoiler alert: It won’t be long before Barry Allen escapes the Speed Force. However, viewers will meet a very different Scarlet Speedster when The Flashreturns.

 After sacrificing himself to save Central City in the season 3 finale, Barry (Grant Gustin) has spent the last six months in the Speed Force, which has had quite the effect on him — as you can see in the recently released promo.

“Initially, Barry is pretty scrambled when he comes out of the Speed Force,” Gustin tells EW. “He’s not himself, he’s talking nonsense. The way I see it, when he was in the Speed Force, he experienced his whole life laid out in front of him from start to finish. So in some sense, he comes out very wise, kind of knowing everything, but he has no understanding of what he’s seen, so he comes out very jumbled and talking what he thinks makes complete sense, but just nonsense to the rest of the crew.”

Fear not, Barry won’t be like that all season, as executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explains that his time in the Speed Force has actually had a really positive effect on him as well. “The most important thing about Barry this year is that the experience of being in the Speed Force was a bit of a baptism for him. The premiere episode is called ‘The Flash Reborn’ and Barry, in a way, has been born again,” Kreisberg says, noting that the title doesn’t mean the show is following the The Flash: Rebirth story line from the comics. “His experience in there has really washed away a lot of his sins and cleansed him of a lot of his doubts, his fears, and his guilts, and it really is leaving him free and clear to just have an open road and a fresh start. He really loves being The Flash again.”

Gustin concurs: “A huge weight has been lifted and he’s forgiven himself again of all the mistakes he made the last couple years and people that he’s hurt. He’s ready to move forward with the team and move forward with Iris [Candice Patton] and be happy Barry again and save Central City.”

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The Flash is making its return October 10 and The CW has released a brand new trailer which features a reborn Barry Allen…? New suit? We’ve got so many questions and we can’t wait for the show to come back so we can get all the answers. You can watch the trailer bellow!

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Tiffany Smith sneaked into The Flash offices to speak with producers Todd Helbing and Andrew Kreisberg in order to learn a few things about the new season and it looks like the mission was a success! You can watch the whole interview, released by The CW, bellow.

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The CW has released a promotional video featuring the casts from the shows that are set to return (and premiere) this upcoming fall. Of course, that means we got footage of Grant taken during the promotional photoshoot, and you can watch it bellow!

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Hello Grant fans! We want to apologize for the delay on the updates- But we’re back now and will soon be updating the gallery with all image photos! To start, we bring you bloopers from the third season of The Flash featured in the season’s DVD. As always, a very hilarious and must watch video!

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Last night was a very special night for Grant Gustin and The Flash who won surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards, for Choice Action TV Actor and Choice Action TV Show! We send Grant and the show’s cast and crew congratulations on the wins, very much deserved. Our gallery has been updated with photos from the award show, and bellow (and under the cut) you will find videos of Grant giving interviews on the red carpet, receiving an award and presenting with Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist. Thank you to Grant Gustin Russia for uploading the videos!

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Today at the TCA’s, CW has announced the date of the DC Superhero Crossovers! Very exciting for all of us, and we can’t wait to see another big team up. The Superhero week is set to kick off November 27!

At today’s TCA, CW announced that the first night of this season’s DC superhero crossover will be on Monday, Nov. 27 when Supergirl will be paired with Arrow. That day reps a one time move to Monday for the special occasion.  The crossover concludes on Nov. 28 with The Flash in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.