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‘The Flash’: Will Barry fight Time Wraiths in Season 3?

With the “The Flash” premiere so close, it’s time to start seriously theorizing about how Barry’s (Grant Gustin) journey through time will change the dynamic of the show, and more importantly, what the consequences will be.

This new Flashpoint promises a lot of changes to history, such as Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) newfound wealth or Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) new secret crimefighting adventures as Kid Flash. Obviously, Barry’s decision to save his mother sparked quite a few chain reactions that changed the timeline in huge ways.

Those changes beg the question … should Barry be worried he’ll receive a visit from a Time Wraith?Read More

Site is open!

Hi everyone and welcome to Grant Gustin Network! My name is Queen and I’m the owner here. Some of you may recognize me from two site I currently maintain, Lea Michele Web and Dianna Agron Online, or from sites I’ve owned in the past.

The site is not fully “ready” at the moment in that the pages on Grant’s career, etc. are still in the drafting stages but I wanted to get the site open in time for the season 3 premiere of The Flash which will be happening later on tonight so I decided to go on ahead with it anyway.

In the meantime, make sure you check out our gallery which is constantly being worked on. We have over 7,000 images there for your enjoyment with some projects, like Grant’s guest appearances on Arrow and Supergirl, are up to date with screencaptures, stills and more. There are tons more photos to add so you’ll be able to enjoy event photos, candids and images from the previous 2 seasons of The Flash very soon.

Check out what we have so far and let me know if there are any glitches that you’re noticing that I may have missed. Enjoy!

Press  ·  Projects  ·  Spoilers  ·  The Flash

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Cast & Characters, From Returning Heroes To New Enemies

The Flash Season 3 will see the characters we know and love in new iterations, after Barry’s timeline reset has changed everything we thought we knew about the people of Central City. The trailers have revealed that some The Flash Season 3 characters will be radically different from how they were before, while others remain a mystery. Here’s everything we know about The Flash Season 3 cast and characters so far.

Team Flash

Barry Allen / The Flash (Grant Gustin)

Leading Team Flash — and the show — is Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Season 3 will see Barry living out the life he always dreamed of, with both of his parents alive and Central City in the safe hands of Kid Flash. But will he make the choice to reset the timeline?

Where have I seen Grant Gustin before? Gustin’s breakout role was on Glee, as he played the charming but devious Sebastian Smythe. Gustin also has a background in musical theater, which will help with the upcoming musical crossover episode with Supergirl.

Read up on the rest of the cast here.

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