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Grant was photographed on the set of The Flash this month of April and we’ve added photos to the gallery! Beware, it contains some big spoilers of the finale episode!     GALLERY LINK: Television Productions > The Flash (2014) > Season 3 > On Set > April 5, 2017 Television Productions > The Flash (2014) […]

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TOM&GRANT is a HEIST. A bank job. And we want your company as we undergo the robbery. Here’s the thing, though: we need greenbacks, moolah, cash money, $$$. We need a l’il help fronting the capital to get the operation off the ground, see. After all, TOM&GRANT wouldn’t be thinkin’ about knocking off a bank […]

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High quality episode stills and screencaptures from last night’s episode of The Flash have been added to our gallery! What an episode, wasn’t it? I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode (hint hint, Barry decides to take a trip to the future). Sadly, The Flash is now on a hiatus but don’t worry– It […]

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Foresight Unlimited has set The Flash star Grant Gustin to join The Last Full Measure, the political drama that Todd Robinson will direct from his script. Shooting on the film begins this weekend in Atlanta and Costa Rica. Gustin will play actual Medal of Honor recipient William Pitsenbarger, a special forces Para-rescue Jumper who is pivotal to […]

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A special episode of The Flash aired last night– another crossover, this time with only Supergirl and the biggest twist of the crossover? Musical episode! High definition screencaptures from the episode have been added to our gallery, along with additional stills from it and promotional photos!         GALLERY LINK: Television Productions > The […]

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Yes, Grant is attending his first fan convention!! We’re very excited for him and wish that he gets to have a good time at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo, today revealed that Grant Gustin, star […]